Depression is not a passing feeling of unhappiness, natural expected feelings of sadness from a difficult or painful event. It is a very real and sometimes even dangerous mental illness. The signs of depression include lose interest in your job, your relationships with family and friends and in your personal life. Depression most often presents itself as feelings of sadness, but sadness is not necessarily depression.

Types of Depression

Alcohol Depression

As the name implies, alcohol depression is the lows that follow periods of excessive drinking. Guilt, remorse, and shame play a huge part in this type of depression, and nothing short of a long period of sobriety can begin the alleviate it. With alcohol depression, the normal hangover is much more than not feeling well.

Anxiety Depression

2sdwqerAnxiety depression oftentimes is indicated by profuse sweating, shaky hands and voice. Persons suffering from anxiety disorder are generally pessimistic, always expecting the worse. They also tend to go through long periods of time where they are afraid to leave their homes.

Bipolar Depression

This type of depression was formerly called manic depression. Bipolar depression occurs in cycles, hence the ‘bi’ in its name. Persons who are bipolar have changing periods of great sadness and immense joy.

Clinical Depression

This is when the depression reaches the stage where the person needs some treatment. Clinical depression is a diagnosis and the result of the patient taking a depression quiz administered by a professional.

Major Depression

This type of depression is the most extreme. Major depression can occur suddenly or over time after a series of less intense depressive episodes. This is believed to be one of the most common types of depression.

Depression has no age boundaries

2345wsedYoung children starting at age five have been found to have depression due to environmental influences. Influences such as divorce, domestic violence, and social rejection are very common in the world today. Teen depression is becoming an epidemic over the last 20 years with teenage suicide being the result of not receiving treatment

Depression is a mental illness that is normally treatable without medication but requires a commitment to take action to lead a lifestyle free of the triggers of depression. Remember that depression will not only ruin your life but it also negatively impacts the lives of the people around you. If you don’t take action for yourself, then take action for those that love you most.

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